wtorek, 18 września 2012

Shepherd's Empire

In the shepherd's empire of broken vows
Blood is flowing through the meanders of sin

The ten commandments
Shattered into a thousand lies
The first drop of blood was spilled
To cover the altars of death

Wise men will always wander
Among the ruins of humanity
Maybe they can witness light
Where sun no longer rises

In the shepherd's empire we are starving
And maggots will feast upon our bones

I have an armor of stone
I will not yield to your greed
My wounds will devour you
And leave an empty shell

* * *

Recently I spent my time reading a book "Byłem księdzem" by a Polish ex-priest, now a politician, Roman Kotliński. I always maintain a necessary distance from the words I read in any source. However, I couldn't resist the feeling that my eyes witness a true story of human decay and deviation under the pompous yet lying banners of the Catholic Church. The author presents a strong knowledge of the Church's structures in Poland and the same amount of distance that I maintain, which makes his works trustful.

Mr Roman dedicated his books to the victims of the Catholic Church. I decided to write a short lyric and dedicate it to the victims of all kinds of organized religion. Tyrannies of the minds, not the souls.

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